Scientific Committee
SHIN Paul City University of Hong Kong (Emeritus)
Marine ecology | Benthos | Environmental management
Vice chairs:
BOTTON Mark Fordham University
Behavioral biology | Conservation biology | Fisheries management
LIAO Yongyan Beibu Gulf University
Population biology | Breeding biology | Aquaculture
HSIEN Hwey-Lian Research Center for Biodiversity, Academia Sinica (Emeritus)
Wetland ecology | Taxonomy | Benthos
SEINO Satoquo Kyushu University
Ecological engineering | Aquatic biology
BHADURY Punyasloke Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata
Mangrove ecosystem | Marine carbon and nitrogen cycling
MOHAMAD Faridah Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
DING Jeak Ling National University of Singapore
Innate immunity
XIE Yan Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
IUCN SSC Commission Member
Committee members:Alphabetically order by last names
BROCKMANN Jane University of Florida (Emeritus)
Behavioral biology | Evolution
CARMICHAEL Ruth University of South Alabama | Dauphin Island Sea Lab
Marine ecosystem responses | Anthropogenic perturbation
CHATTERJI Anil The Institute of Ocean Biology, Govt of India
Marine ecology | Cell culture | Biotechnology
CHEN Chang-Po Research Center for Biodiversity, Academia Sinica (Emeritus)
Marine biology | Ecology | Evolutionary biology
CHEN Ruifang Guangxi Academy of Science
Breeding biology | Aquaculture & Restocking
CHEUNG Siu Gin City University of Hong Kong
Intertidal ecology | Marine conservation | Ecotoxicology
GAUVRY Glenn The Ecological Research & Development Group
LAL | Fisheries | Environmental education
HU Menghong Shanghai Ocean University
Environmental stress | Marine conservation
ISMAIL Noraznawati Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Marine biotechnology
JOHN Akbar International Islamic University Malaysia
Marine genomics | Marine biotechnology
KREAMER Gary Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Environmental education
KWAN Kit Yue, Billy Beibu Gulf University
Marine conservation | Ecology | Environmental education
LI Qiongzhen Guangxi Academy of Fishery Sciences
Breeding biology | Aquaculture & Restocking
LIN Wuying Guangxi Biodiversity Research and Conservation Association
Coastal and marine conservation | Environmental education
MATTEI Jennifer Sacred Heart University
Population ecology | Coastal restoration ecology | Conservation and environmental education
SHIN Nishida University of Miyazaki
Molecular biology | Population genetics
SMITH Dave U.S. Geological Survey
Aquatic ecosystems | Biodiversity | Environmental assessment
TANACREDI John Molloy College
Marine biology | Ecology
WANG Youji Shanghai Ocean University
Environmental stress
WARDIATNO Yusli Bogor Agricultural University
Benthos | Intertidal ecology | Aquatic resources management